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Date: 2024-07-18
Downloads Today: 1
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Total Downloads: 734
Active Installs: 60+
Version: 1.2
Author: Di Themes
Rating: 0
Reviews: 0
Last Updated: 2024-06-27
Requires WP: 5.2
Requires PHP: 7.0
Ultimate Responsive, Fast, SEO Friendly and WooCommerce ready WordPres theme. Best Responsive is a #responsive, classic, #SEO Friendly, fast to load and #eCommerce ready WordPress theme. It is the perfect theme to display your business information across the devices. This theme uses the #Bootstrap framework so that content can be best fit from small to large screen devices. It is also a WooCommerce ready WordPress theme and has customizable options, so it can be used for displaying and selling products. Best Responsive WordPress theme is the child theme of Di Responsive theme, so you will get all the features of Di Responsive theme with an additional overlay menu and a call to action button. It is a fully customizable WordPress theme, so that you can customize your #logo, #menus, social icons, location information, #sidebar widgets, #blog posts, footer widgets, footer copyright section, page contents. Best Responsive theme is fully compatible with page builder plugins like #Elementor and has a dedicated template for page builder, so you can display page builder contents perfectly. Theme features: #One Click Demo Importer, #Page Builder Friendly, #Ready to Use templates, #WooCommerce Ready, Live Theme Options, #Social Icons, #Sticky Header, Advance #Top Bar section, #Typography Options, Advance #Footer Widgets, Full Width template, Left Sidebar template, Right Sidebar template, Blog Options, Sidebar Menu, eCommerce Options and much more. #DEMO:

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Date: 2024-07-13 Downloads: 5
Date: 2024-07-12 Downloads: 5
Date: 2024-07-11 Downloads: 9
Date: 2024-07-10 Downloads: 16
Date: 2024-07-09 Downloads: 10
Date: 2024-07-08 Downloads: 11
Date: 2024-07-07 Downloads: 11
Date: 2024-07-06 Downloads: 7
Date: 2024-07-05 Downloads: 8
Date: 2024-07-04 Downloads: 22
Date: 2024-07-03 Downloads: 15
Date: 2024-07-02 Downloads: 23
Date: 2024-07-01 Downloads: 20
Date: 2024-06-30 Downloads: 19
Date: 2024-06-29 Downloads: 18
Date: 2024-06-28 Downloads: 32
Date: 2024-06-27 Downloads: 71
Date: 2024-06-26 Downloads: 29
Date: 2024-06-25 Downloads: 39
Date: 2024-06-24 Downloads: 53
Date: 2024-06-23 Downloads: 65
Date: 2024-06-22 Downloads: 67
Date: 2024-06-21 Downloads: 75
Date: 2024-06-20 Downloads: 69