Stats for the WordPress theme Travelyo

Date: 2024-07-13
Downloads Today: 9
Travelyo Theme Screenshot
Total Downloads: 852
Active Installs: 70+
Version: 1.0.3
Author: WP Travel
Rating: 0
Reviews: 0
Last Updated: 2024-06-04
Requires WP: 6.0
Requires PHP: 7.4
Travelyo is a WordPress Full Site Editing (FSE) theme delicately designed for websites in the travel and tour industry. It combines effectively with block-based design and is completely integrated with the WP Travel plugin ( that leads with the Travel and Tour Operator plugin for WordPress, intended to improve the features & functionality of your travel website significantly). Travelyo allows you to customize your travel website easily, and it has been designed and developed with features that make it easy to translate text content into multiple languages. Travelyo enables you to customize templates and template parts and add unique features and design elements related to travel and trips. With these features, customers find out related destinations, tours, accommodations, travel itineraries, reviews, and more. Travelyo has unique features for customizable block patterns on travel websites like displaying images, text, buttons, and other elements. Travelyo is essential for the theme’s design to adapt and adjust smoothly to different screen sizes and devices and load quickly and efficiently with reliable and responsive custom support services. Explore the full demo here:

Downloads per day

Date: 2024-06-22 Downloads: 30
Date: 2024-06-21 Downloads: 20
Date: 2024-06-20 Downloads: 16
Date: 2024-06-19 Downloads: 32
Date: 2024-06-18 Downloads: 18
Date: 2024-06-17 Downloads: 12
Date: 2024-06-16 Downloads: 16
Date: 2024-06-15 Downloads: 19
Date: 2024-06-14 Downloads: 23
Date: 2024-06-13 Downloads: 29
Date: 2024-06-12 Downloads: 20
Date: 2024-06-11 Downloads: 26
Date: 2024-06-10 Downloads: 32
Date: 2024-06-09 Downloads: 19
Date: 2024-06-08 Downloads: 25
Date: 2024-06-07 Downloads: 30
Date: 2024-06-06 Downloads: 27
Date: 2024-06-05 Downloads: 50
Date: 2024-06-04 Downloads: 55
Date: 2024-06-03 Downloads: 61